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Computer Classes

Better Your Technology Experience

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Basic Computing

Designed for individuals with limited computer experience. Basic parts of a computer and basic computer terminology will be explored.

Basic Word Processing

Intended for participants with some knowledge and experience in keyboarding. Microsoft Word will be the main emphasis in this class.

Internet 101

Designed to assist individuals in surfing and searching the world wide web.

Basic Web Page

Participants will learn the basics of web page design using Word Press.

Basic Publishing

All participants should have basic knowledge of Microsoft Word as well as basic printing and saving concepts. Microsoft Publisher will be the main focus of this class.

Basic PowerPoint

Advanced students will be introduced to Microsoft PowerPoint. Participants will demonstrate comprehension by creating a small presentation.

Basic Excel

Advanced students will be introduced to Microsoft Excel. Participants will demonstrate a working knowledge of this program through open floor discussion.

Social Media Simplified

Learn to Tweet, Post, and Pin. The basics of Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook will be introduced during the class.

Open Computer Lab

Brush up on any skill from any of the classes we offer

Apple 101

Participants will learn the basics of using their Apple devices.

Pinterest Interest  

Explore how to create a board post, pin, and share pins on Pinterest.

DeMystify Your Digital Device  

Familiarizes library patrons with gadgets using Apple and Android devices such as iPads, Kindles, Nooks, etc. Learn various ways to use your device, including downloading free e-books.

Group Classes available for:

Businesses, Daycares, Civic Clubx, Organizations, Home School Students, and Friend Groups.

Can’t find what you need? Then schedule a one-to-one session. Library staff will work personally with an individual on various technology issues. Call to set up an appointment at your convenience.